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I create Soundtracks for films, games, commercials or whatever you may think of.



Mail: aadne.lyngstad.nilsen (at)


Hello! My name is Ådne Lyngstad Nilsen and I am a composer from Norway. I have grown up with music and movies and realized that my passion in life was the combination of those two! 

I started playing the guitar in Hallingdal and played in some bands there, but after a while the dream of becoming a rockstar faded and my perception started widening. So for the past ten years I’ve been trying to expand my musical horizon, looking at new genres with a blank slate. 

I have played and written pretty much everything from Black Metal, via House to Classical music, all with a common denominator; what makes people love it?

I write music every day, because it is my language. More so than english and even Norwegian. So if you want to know what it is I do (and how I can help you), I humbly ask you to listen for yourself here.

I am available for films, games and commercials, or if you just want music for an event!