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Dziuma is founded and run by norwegian composer Ådne Lyngstad Nilsen. He has a bachelor's degree in musicology from the university of Oslo, and started his career playing in several different rock and metal bands. When presented with the opportunity to write the music for a musical in early 2009 he jumped at the idea. Ådne quickly realized how music shapes the whole experience of a scene, and all the ways music can look both forward and backwards in the plot while still underlining the present. This set him on a path towards making music for movies, commercials and video games and it expanded his musical horizon to a point where mixing genres like norwegian folk music and Ennio Morricone-style western didn't seem like a daunting task. 

Ådne has since then worked with Gimvilles Alf Martin Løvvold  for a trailer called "Dawn of the... stuff" that made headlines in VFX-magazines worldwide, and more than ten million views with YouTube and Vimeo combined. He has worked with Fristad film on award winning LGBT short-film "Alex (Alexa)" and did his first feature length film titled "Arquebus: Fagert er Landet" in 2017.

His biggest sources of inspiration are James Horner, John Williams, Christos Antoniou, Hans Zimmer, Juno Reaktor and of course the Norwegian nature!

I write music every day, because it is my language. More so than english and even Norwegian. So if you want to know what it is I do (and how I can help you), I humbly ask you to listen for yourself here.

I am available for films, games and commercials, or if you just want music for an event!